Our Story

We have crafted an exclusive gin that encapsulates the Essence of Africa

My name is Les Ansley and, together with my wife Paula, have jumped into the world of gin.

We recently moved the family back to South Africa after spending 15 years in the UK. We felt South Africa offered opportunities both in terms of enterprise and also being able to contribute to society.

Shortly after we arrived Paula had an opportunity to go to Kenya on safari and it was while she was sipping a G&T while watching a herd of elephants listening to the guide explain how particular elephants are in their browsing habits and yet how little of the plant material they actually digest that she had this crazy idea …

… would it be possible to make elephant dung gin?

So we did

That is how Indlovu gin was born – a gin made in Africa … designed by elephants. ‘Indlovu’ is the word for elephant in several African languages and we use the foraging habits of the world’s largest land animals to select the botanicals used in the ginning process.

As part of our commitment to South Africa we are delighted to have Proudly South African status.